Spacewalk is a networked interactive experience about taking a space walk outside of the International Space Station. Players collectively take on the role of astronauts navigating and exploring the structure of the space station. Spacewalk is an interactive experiment in alternative control schemes, free-form play, virtual embodiment, and metagame communication.

Spacewalk was designed and developed by Richard Emms over the course of five days as an assignment for USC's Interactive Media MFA program. Although it connects to other players across the internet, it is intended to be played with people in the same physical space. It is now compatible with the Oculus Rift.

Spacewalk has been featured on NBC News, The Penny Arcade Report, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Spacewalk v0.63 (May 5, 2013) is available for free through the links below.
All platforms support keyboard and mouse input. Only the windows version currently supports Xbox controller input.
When hosting a server online, open port 25001.

Windows: Screen | Oculus (107 MB)
Mac OS X: Screen | Oculus (108 MB)
Linux: Screen (109 MB)
(Mirrors 1 | Mirrors 2)

v0.63: Minor bugfixes.
v0.62: Added notifications for when players join and leave. Now you'll know how many astronauts are around!
v0.61: Fixed a networking bug where music and controls would overlap between players.
v0.6 Added space particles and Oculus Rift support.
v0.5 Removed repair quests.

Spacewalk was originally designed for use with a USB Xbox 360 controller, although keyboard and mouse controls are also supported. These controls can be remapped in the splash screen of the game. The default controls are below:

Xbox 360 ControllerKeyboard+MouseEffect
Left analog thumbstickW / SUp/down rotation (vertical only)
Right analog thumbstickMouse movementLook around
Left Trigger (LT)AFire left forward thruster
Right Trigger (RT)DFire right forward thruster
Left Bumper (LB)QFire left reverse thruster
Right Bumper (RB)EFire right reverse thruster
BRight clickCheck oxygen meter
BackPToggle inverting Y-axis controls
StartEscapeQuit the game

Spacewalk is coming to Tribeca Innovation Week's Interactive Playground on April 26, 2014!